Introducing Albert Davis
This strong young man is Albert. He is now 12 years old, but was diagnosed with Sickle Cell SC at just 2 weeks old. Hospitalizations requiring morphine for his pain was a very common thing for him. 2013 was a very rough year. He was hospitalized at Hope Children's Hospital every month for weeks at a time being treated for Sickle Cell pain. His small tummy began to swell, he was always tired, and couldn't eat. The doctor's had to perform surgery, removing his spleen & gall bladder in June 2013. A month later, his belly started to swell again. His liver had now become the size of a football. In December 2013 he was sent to ICU to receive a red cell blood exchange, taking out 85% of his own blood and replacing it with donor blood. He stayed there for 3 weeks. Doctors saw blasts of lymphoma in his blood & he was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. Hepatic Splenic Gamma-Delta T-Cell Lymphoma. He started chemo the same night of his diagnosis. In March of 2014, he went into remission, but we were told his cancer will come back if he doesn't receive a stem cell transplant. An unrelated donor came forward to help us, and it was a perfect match!! Albert started full body radiation 2 times a day for 4 days at Northwestern & was admitted to Lurie's for another round of continuous chemo. April 16, 2014 he received his stem cell transplant. This little guy has been through so much. Since the transplant all bone marrow tests have come back with no signs of cancer. He goes to monthly maintenance appointments at Lurie's & his progress is outstanding. He is such a tough kid. Funny, shy, & the "Xbox Live King"!!!
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