Introducing Anne Wagner
Anne is 19 years old and has down syndrome and is a senior at Downers Grove North. In February 2012 Anne was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Acute Myeloid Leukemia, having bilineal leukemia puts Anne's cancer into the "rare" category and essentially we were given no prognosis. She went through intense chemotherapy at Ann and Robert H Luries of Chicago for 11 months, during that intense chemo Anne endured many other battles having almost lost her life twice. Anne is now in maintenance therapy and still goes every month to Luries. She takes oral chemo's everyday as well as the chemo she still gets at the hospital. Anne is in remission and will be done with chemo hopefully this June. She will still be followed closely with monthly labs once chemo is complete. This year when she returned back to school after having missed almost 2 years, the student's voted Anne as homecoming queen. That experience really helped Anne as well as us cope with all the difficulties that comes along with cancer. The impact that cancer has had on all of our lives has been hard to say the least but the show of support from family and friends has been insurmountable and our faith in the Lord is what has brought us through. Anne has shown such grace through this entire ordeal. Her personality hasn't changed, she is still full of smiles, laughter and loves to sing. If anything has changed in Anne from this experience, it is that she has grown so much stronger and in that strength, she shines.
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