Introducing Becca Mueller
Becca was diagnosed with 2 types of Leukemia AML and ALL on August 3, 2010. She started with 99% blasts. She spent the next 3 months at Hope Hospital in Oak Lawn, through August, September and October. She is currently being treated as an out patient at the Keyser Center and Hope Hospital. We are not sure if the Doctors are going to continue with the treatment or see if she needs a transplant. We will know more at a later date. If she does not go forward with the Transplant, her treatments will be over 2 1/2 years long. Mother had to quit her job to help take care of Becca. Luckly, Becca's dad is working. Becca has one sister who is 6. We are adjusting to being home finally as a family. The past 3 months have been a struggle with the roller coaster test results. Becca's Leukemia is considered High Risk because she didn't respond to the first 2 treatments. Round 3 finally showed emprovement. We are in round 4.
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