Introducing Cameron Smith
This is the story of Cameron Smith, a two year old little boy who should have been getting ready for his birthday celebration when he was diagnosed with cancer. After treating him for a common cold and teething, Cameron was not getting better so his mother decided to bring him to the doctor. Cameron was no longer eating on his own and she was forcing him to drink. After a few days of seeing the doctor, Cameron proceeded to get worse he now wasn't eating, drinking, walking, talking or staying awake. Once they were admitted into the hospital, Nina told them everything she had gone through with Cameron and they immediately took him and told her that they were going to test him for Cerebral Palsy and signs of a stroke. What they had found was a mass the size of a softball on the left side of her child's brain. They then told her that he needed to be air lifted immediately to Children's Memorial Hospital where he would be under going immediate brain surgery to remove the mass from his brain. Cameron's brain surgery was a complete success in removing the mass from his brain. A week later Cameron was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer that only babies and toddler's get it is called ATYPICAL Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor. This rare, high-grade tumor occurs most commonly in children younger than 2. It can be found anywhere in the brain. With Cameron only being a year and a half old radiation was not an option. He would under go very extensive rounds of Chemo which he is still currently going through. At this point, he has shown no signs of any regrowth on his brain.
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