Introducing Giovanni Nicoski-Rios
As a young 8 year old boy, Giovanni has experienced a great amount of loss from losing both his grandparents in the past 3 years, to his father being deported 3 years ago and almost losing his youngest brother Rocky to a severe accident 2 years ago. He is now faced with a battle that no child should ever have to deal with. The summer of 2011, forever has changed our lives. Giovanni had just finished up the school year and was anticipating a fun filled summer with his 3 brothers, Ramon, Julian and Rocky. Unfortunately he became very ill with what we thought was a bad ear infection that would not go away no matter what the doctors did. Numerous doctor visits didn't give us the answers we were looking for until we ended up in the emergency room one night with a very high fever and shortness of breath. Giovanni's fever was brought down and under control and then given a chest x-ray. He was then sent on his way home, still not 100%. The next morning we received a call from his doctor's office, telling us that we needed to get to the office as soon as possible since my son may need to be admitted. At this point, Giovanni's health had become severely worse. He wasn't able to walk, hardly able to breath and in a lot of pain. Once we arrived at the office, the doctors told us that the results of the chest x-ray were in. Giovanni had weakened shoulder bones and compressed fractures of the spine which was an indication of leukemia or a tumor. He was then admitted immediately. After a few days, he was diagnosed with Pre-B Cell ALL. Giovanni is currently being treated at Central Dupage Hospital by a wonderful team of experts. Giovanni is undergoing a variety of chemotherapy treatments and receives regular lumbar punctures for chemo to be inserted into his spine. Giovanni has been in remission since a month after diagnosis and has no relapses since. Giovanni has proven to be a strong little man and my hero. His brothers look up to him for strength and encouragement, as do I. One thing I can say for Giovanni is that no matter how tough the times get, he always has a smile on his face.
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