Introducing Kathryn Pekarik
Kathryn has always been an advocate of exercise and healthy eating so you can imagine the shock of learning she has T Cell Lymphoma at the age of 27. As her Grandmother, I have always been grateful and proud of the time and attention she gives to family, especially my 91 year old Mother, her Great Grandmother. Her own Mother has quit her job to become a fulltime caretaker for Kathryn. Her course of treatment requires a 4-day hospital stay to receive chemo. This is done every 22 days and she has completed 4 out of the 8 planned treatments. Her Mother stays with her at the hospital during this time. However, complications have arisen between treatments requiring additional hospital stays for blood transfusions. There are also nurse's visits to the house for blood draws not to mention about 20 different medications which are taken orally. Kathryn remains as positive as possible throughout this chapter of her life, even commenting that being bald is an asset when you're cooking, i.e., you don't have to worry about hair falling into the food. Her passion for cooking and baking is a saving grace because on her "good days" this is what she looks forward to doing. Thank you for what you do and it is heartwarming to know that strangers care.
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