Introducing Krystal Berryman
Hello everyone, my name is Krystal Berryman and I am 21 years old. I am from Woodridge, IL and live at home with my parents and two younger sisters, Emily and Kaitlyn. I graduated from Downers Grove South High School in 2013 and went on to study Middle Level Education at Illinois State University that fall. I loved to get involved and filled up my days with class, work, and dedication towards my sorority to prepare for recruitment in the fall of 2015. I would've done anything for a lazy Sunday and that's when my prayers were answered, but not quite in the way any of us would have ever hoped for. July of that year I found an inflation in my left groin area and it took until September 18th to receive a diagnosis from Comer Children's Hospital that it was indeed Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. It flipped my world upside down and it has never been quite right since, but how could it be? I received 6 months of chemotherapy treatment at Comer until a relaxing afternoon at home I found a lump in my left breast. It was concluded to be a relapse of the Rhabdo and I had to change treatments fast. Not until September of 2016 did my doctors call me after my many scan results to inform me what was just keeping me stable was no longer working. Progression was shown completely in my breast as well as to other lymph nodes in surrounding areas. With a heavy heart, I parted ways with Comer Children's Hospital and transitioned over to Lurie Children's Hospital in search of my miracle. My life was completely put on hold for the year with many attempts to get back into school and work, but timing and my body just never seemed to align right. Since October 2016, they had given me treatment that had seemed to be working at first, but for the third time, I received the news of another relapse in late December. With my family and loved ones support, we are going in to the new year in search of my miracle and the knowledge that one day something will work. I may have to go to Hell and back to find it, but without the love of my family (and of course many others), I wouldn't have the courage or be the warrior I am today to do so!
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