Introducing Kylie Arnold
On August 27th 2009 our world changed forever when we were told that Kylie our 27th month old daughter had 2 brain tumors and 5 spinal tumors. She was officially diagnosed with P.N.E.T (Primitive Neuro Ectodermal Tumors). Her treatment consisted of six induction rounds of Chemo from Sept 2009 thru Feb 2010, High Intense Chemo with a Stem Cell Transplant on March 30th. This was followed by 7 weeks of full cranial and spinal Radiation from May 20th thru July 12th of 2010. She has had several scans and biopsies throughout this time. She also dealt with a fungal infection of her liver and lungs which delayed our start for transplant. For a while I was able to work in between hospital visits but due to commitments with Kylie, I was unable to work. Kylie is a wonderful child with an amazing personality and due to all of the treatment that she had endured she has lost her outgoing and carefree spirit. All of our treatments have been inpatient and each time we would end up back at the hospital with fevers for a week or more. Due to the fact that all of Kylie's treatment were inpatient that kept me away from my son Devin who is in 2nd grade and had to stay back home with family in order to go to school. We have spent a lot of our time out of the hospital at events to help raise awareness for Childhood Cancer. In October 2009 my children's great-grandpa passed away and then in March 2010 their great-grandma passed away and they were a big support to our family. They were a big help in taking care of our kids while we were working or at the hospital with Kylie. Without these supports in our life anymore and the lack of employment, we as a family have had a very difficult time. Right now Kylie is out of treatment and we have 3 months to relax and enjoy the holidays.
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