Introducing Payton Braun
Payton was born on February 24, 2011. He was a strong & healthy little guy. He enjoyed anything that allowed him to be active. On January 12 of 2016 we received the news that my Dad (65 years old) was diagnosed with Multiple Meyoloma stage 3 with renal failure. This came as a shock. He thought he had the flu for 6 weeks. He had a bill of good health up until this point. In the meantime Payton, our son had symptoms of what we thought was bronchitis for 8 weeks. He had been treated with antibiotics & wasn't getting better. While processing the news about my Dad, two days later we were back at the doctors office to figure out a new plan of treatment for Payton. The doctor said it looked like Payton had an ear infection & should be treated with a different type of antibiotic. We sensed there was more to it than that. After receiving the news about my Dad, we needed peace of mind about Payton's health. There was random bruising on Payton's legs which seemed to appear for no reason. So they did blood work. It was later that day that we received the news that Payton's blood work indicated he had leukemia. January 14 2016 Payton was immediately admitted to the hospital. They found a large tumor on his trachea, a byproduct of the leukemia. Within hours they began treatment. It was an intense month. We were told they couldn't tell us how treatment would follow until they got the results of 28 days of steroids & chemo. At the end of the 28 days of treatment they did a bone marrow biopsy. Our prayers were answered. We received the best outcome given his diagnosis. The tumor was gone & there was no trace of leukemia in his bone marrow. After the first 28 days we have been following a strict protocol that is purposed to take him from remission to being "cured." It consists of steriods, multiple types of chemo, transfusions, & spinal taps. As we have incorporate daily activities & school for Payton we are faced with the side effects of treatment. We are learning to accept multiple ER visits & hospital stays that will be a part of our "new norm." We are now in maintenance & have 36 months of treatment to "cure" him & ensure the cancer does not return.
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